I feel like I’ve always known her It feels like we met in Middle School. Reminiscing on long walks to our lockers. High School came quick, slow walks to the bus stop, the anticipation of our first kiss before class. Mind racing, heart pumping, bracing myself for that first kiss that never happened. Thinking about my inability to fornicate, couldn’t understand why I didn’t make the first move. I wasn’t shy, the possibility of being scared, perhaps your gorgeous personality, your mesmerizing smell, the softness of your gentle touch. Years later, I matured, and become a man. I now realize that you were so much more. The rose petals on the floor, intensely waiting for you to enter the room, I’m able to see so much more, than I did as a shallow young boy. Elegant, gracious, gorgeous, I feel as if I can’t compliment you enough. I’ve waited for this opportunity for so many years, this is my moment. My moment to capture my dream, my passion, to have a sacred relationship with you. That only God could have ordained. Our destiny is well above our imaginations. We are one, purity is the essence of our marriage. Through our struggles, we remain as one. We are a team, I’ve vowed to be by your side through sickness and health. You are the only woman that God created to share my rib with. We will always ascend to higher altitudes together, for better or worse, our bubble of love shall not burst.