30 Day Entrepreneurship Applied Education Course (Instructor Led)


“EMERGE” is a trailblazing self-help book based on Steven Williams’ entrepreneurship success and his passion for helping others see their dreams come true. His actual business experiences are provided, examined, and explained, along with solutions to problems that worked and which can be applied in many different scenarios to foster entrepreneurial success. Although no two businesses are identical, it is critical to operate on a sound foundation on which to base the long-term success of any business owner. “Emerge” provides solution-based guidance, which is a rare find in today’s volatile global business environment. Covid-19 has been a game changer for many companies and forced millions of people out of work. Social injustice has created less productive and unstable work environments. Steven demonstrates how these challenges can be overcome with his fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Be prepared to explore the real-life world of entrepreneurship through a different lens, one that isn’t taught in classrooms or online college courses! Many people who are highly educated start businesses, know proper industry terminology and technology, but find that within a year or so they weren’t equipped with the proper tools to succeed as an entrepreneur. What tools does one need? What is it about “WORK” that is often overlooked? Can it be that one’s focus of business ownership is wrong long before the journey begins?



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