Mommy brain
YES, this is a real thing! I think all the mommas out there can agree, mommy brain is not something that goes away once our littles are born. I am a victim to mommy brain at least once a day! One thing I have learned, is to be gracious and forgiving towards myself, but also be proactive knowing that mommy brain still plagues me! Here are some tips for mental sharpness that I have incorporated in my daily routine!
1.) Structure:
a. Make a routine, a daily routine helps so much when our minds are all over the place.
b. Keep your keys, wallet, and other things that you use daily in an accessible place, so you do not misplace them!
i. I like to keep all my items by the door, so it is the first thing I grab when I leave the house!
c. Make a list before going grocery shopping!
i. One of the best pieces of advice I can offer! When we are out without our littles, our mind is on them, and not what I need to buy for the week. So, a list comes in handy.
2.) Brain Workouts:
a. Puzzles for adults!
i. Believe it or not, this is something I do daily on my phone! Finding logic problems, brain teasers and puzzles are great for brain boosting!
3.) Sleep:
a. Mom’s we need our sleep!
i. I know there are times we do not get enough, especially when you have multiple littles, but sleep is key for us both mentally and physically!
4.) Diet:
a. Did you know there are so many foods that are good for your brain?
i. Blueberries! They are powerful and an anti-inflammatory fruit that boost memory and nerve cell health! Who knew?
ii. Some other brain boosting foods are nuts, salmon and of course VEGGIES!
-Candice Johnson