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“EMERGE” is a trailblazing self-help book based on Steven Williams’ entrepreneurship success and his passion for helping others see their dreams come true. His actual business experiences are provided, examined, and explained, along with solutions to problems that worked and which can be applied in many different scenarios to foster entrepreneurial success. Although no two businesses are identical, it is critical to operate on a sound foundation on which to base the long-term success of any business owner. “Emerge” provides solution-based guidance, which is a rare find in today’s volatile global business environment. Covid-19 has been a game changer for many companies and forced millions of people out of work. Social injustice has created less productive and unstable work environments. Steven demonstrates how these challenges can be overcome with his fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Be prepared to explore the real-life world of entrepreneurship through a different lens, one that isn’t taught in classrooms or online college courses! Many people who are highly educated start businesses, know proper industry terminology and technology, but find that within a year or so they weren’t equipped with the proper tools to succeed as an entrepreneur. What tools does one need? What is it about “WORK” that is often overlooked? Can it be that one’s focus of business ownership is wrong long before the journey begins?

About the Author

Steven Williams is an Inspiring Motivational Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. His new book scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 and is sure to inspire God’s nations. As a college graduate, education continues to become more important to Steven as he continues to soar as an eagle, however he emphasizes that college isn’t the only place to attain an education. Putting pride aside, Steven invites his audiences into his faith filled life, which demonstrates his faith and belief in the Lord. Believing that leading by example is the key for others to begin to follow one.

Growing up in a single parent home between New York, and Charlotte, NC, Steven has overcome several obstacles, and achieved entrepreneurial success. His mission is to inspire children, and adults to begin to live their dreams, and walk into their destinies. Going through life can be challenging, and as a servant of the Lord, Steven feels that it is his responsibility to serve fellow brothers and sisters. Sincere in all of his efforts to serve and enlighten individuals of the abundance for opportunities that are right in front of them. Striving to live according to Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”. Since a teenager Steven has lived by that verse, although not always realizing his actions of faith. Continuing to strengthen his relationship with the Lord, Steven’s mission is to inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals in a way that is natural for them. Understanding that God wants us to live prosperous and abundant lives, we are equipped with great power that perhaps some of us aren’t aware of, with the Holy Bible as our instruction to life, aside from the gift of life itself, we have access to the most powerful resource on Earth.

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